When is the best time to have my 3D/4D Scan?

Each stage of your pregnancy offers unique opportunities to capture different types of imaging.

In the early stages up to around 25 weeks you can see amazing baby movements, focusing on more full body imaging. After this stage there is less movement activity, but facial detail is superior as baby grows.

The best time to visit to achieve the best facial imaging is 28 to 32 weeks, but amazing imaging can also be achieved out of this timeframe in most cases. Every baby is different!

If you are carrying twins, we recommend you to have your 3D session between around 26 weeks pregnant.

Is there an additional charge for twins?

No, we do not charge extra for twins or multiples! The best time to come for twins and multiples is before 28 weeks.

What preparation is needed for my appointment?

Keeping well hydrated in the days prior to your scan can assist with increasing your amniotic fluid which can help with achieving better images. No need to attend with a full bladder.

Please complete your online Consent Form prior to your appointment, a link will be sent to your mobile phone around 24 hours before you appointment time. If you require any assistance with this please contact us.

How many people can I bring to the appointment with me?

You are more than welcome to bring along family and friends to your appointment, including children.

We can comfortably accommodate approximately 6 adults in our ultrasound room, kids are welcome to sit on laps. We do not have any room capacity restrictions, if you have visitors that are happy to stand, you are more then welcome to invite more people to attend with you!

What can I expect during my appointment?

On arrival to your appointment, you will be welcomed and asked if you have completed your online Consent Form. You will then be taken into to the ultrasound room where you will get comfortable and be guided by our Technician to ready you to view your baby.

We will apply ultrasound gel to your bump, and then move the probe into a position where we can see baby on the TV. Especially if you are in your 1st Trimester, you may not be able to see anything straight away as the probe will be moved to find the perfect spot to see your little bub. If you are not wanting to find out the gender of your baby we may turn the TV off until we are comfortable knowing that your baby’s gender remains secret until the big day.

We will then be able to take precious keepsake images and videos of your beautiful baby while you enjoy time bonding with your bump.

At the end of your scan you will be provided with wipes and belly oil to assist cleaning up any excess gel, along with complimentary refreshments for mama.

You will then receive keepsake photos of your baby to cherish forever!

Do I need a referral to book an appointment?

No, Bloom Baby Ultrasound is a non-diagnostic ultrasound service so a referral is not required.

We recommend that you have had your most up to date medical scans advised by your GP/Obstetrician prior to visiting us. Our scans do not replace any medical scans that may be required during your pregnancy.

How do I book an appointment?

Book with ease anytime with our online booking system. Click Here to be sent to our user friendly booking system. Alternatively, if you have any further questions or any extra requirements – please call, email or send us a message on our socials and we’ll be happy to help.

Can Facial Imaging always be achieved?

Unfortunately, sometimes certain factors are out of our control and can lead to a lower success rate of achieving facial images. Occasionally the position of the baby, hand/foot or cord near face, maternal size, position of placenta or location/amount of amniotic fluid can impact our success.

We will ensure every effort is taken to ensure your appointment runs as smoothly as possible and to work with you and baby to get the best images possible. Our experienced Technicians has many tips and tricks to get baby in a best position. If your baby’s face is completely hidden throughout the scan, you will be invited back for as many re-scans as possible to try to capture baby's face as apart of our Facial Imaging Guarantee.

What is the difference between 2D/3D/4D?

Ultrasounds uses soundwaves to develop images of the baby inside your womb in either 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D/HD.

2D Ultrasounds are the common ‘black and white’ images that are traditional seen in ultrasound. 2D Ultrasound creates an image in black and white that shows the skeletal and organ systems visible. 2D images are flat and have no depth to them.

3D Ultrasounds creates the appearance of a three dimensional image of your baby. This is achieved by used multiple 2D imaging frames and layering them to form a realistic image of baby.

4D Ultrasound is when the fourth dimension (the dimension of time) is added to a series of 3D Images. This creates live 4D movement of your baby and allows you to see baby moving in real time. This is how we create videos for you. With this type of ultrasound you could potentially see baby smile, yawn, drop their cute bottom lip and so much more!

What about 5D? 5D is commonly misinterpreted from HD. 5D/HD is an advancement in ultrasound technology that allows us to capture clearer, sharper and more lifelike images, such as the pinker skin tone rather than the old gold style imaging.

Is 3D Ultrasound Imaging safe?

Extensive studies have found that ultrasound has not been shown to cause any harm to mother or baby. Ultrasounds are non-invasive, safe and are a painless procedure.

We recommend that should you have any concerns that you consult with your obstetrician, managing GP or other independent health professions to address any concerns that you may have before booking with us.

What If the Technician suspects an anomaly?

We are a non-diagnostic service and do not look at detailed fetal anatomy. If the Ultrasound Technician comes across any anomalies, you will not be informed of any suspicions. We will speak to your GP or Obstetrician, they will then decide to under go further medical assessment if necessary. We cannot give any medical advice or diagnosis.

Is the scan covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance?

Medicare and private health insurance in Australia do not cover the costs of elective ultrasounds. Since this is an elective procedure and is not intended to be a replacement for your medical scans, you will need to pay the cost of this ultrasound as an out of pocket expense.

How is payment made and what payment methods do you accept?

Payment is made on the day of your appointment. We accept EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Cash, AfterPay and ZipPay. Unfortunately, we do not accept personal cheques.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We know life can be unpredictable, especially when you are expecting! We have a no fee cancellation policy, but request that you please let us know that you are not attending your appointment as soon as possible, so that other clients have the opportunity to book.

Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes we do! Our gift vouchers can be purchased here and expire after 3 years.



What are your shipping costs?

We offer $8.95 Flat Rate Standard Shipping Australia wide. Express shipping cost is $15.00 Flat Rate.

What are you delivery times?

We use AusPost as our delivery service provider which has an estimated delivery time of 6+ days on their standard shipping and 1-3 days on their Express shipping.

Please allow additional days in transit for delivery around the Christmas period. Where possible please select the Express Post option as delays are certain during the festive months (October - December).

All orders are processed within 1-3 business days. If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days.

If there will be a significant delay in shipment of your order, we will contact you via email or telephone.

Are you shipping Internationally?

Unfortunatley not at this time due to insurance purposes.

Do you offer AfterPay, ZipPay or Layby?

Yes! We offer AfterPay and ZipPay. Unfortunatley we do not offer any Layby options at the moment.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes we do! Our gift cards expire after 3 years.

What is your refund policy?

Please see our Refund Policy here.

I would love to stock my products at Bloom Baby Ultrasound, who do I contact?

We would love to hear from you! Please send us a email at hello@bloombabycollective.com.au

Can we help you further?

Couldn't find an answer to your question? Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, we are more then happy to help.

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