Getting Ready for Your 3D Baby Ultrasound

Getting Ready for Your 3D Baby Ultrasound

Seeing your baby through an ultrasound scan is an exciting part of your pregnancy journey. This magical experience allows you to catch a glimpse of your little one's adorable features before they even arrive. To ensure we make the most of this special moment, there are a few simple things you can do to prepare. In this blog, we'll guide you through the process and share valuable tips to enhance your ultrasound experience.

No Need for a Full Bladder

Unlike diagnostic ultrasounds, elective baby ultrasounds do not require you to have a full bladder. No need for discomfort and holding back the urge to use the toilet in the middle of your scan. You can arrive for your scan with an empty bladder, which can make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Stay Hydrated

While a full bladder isn't necessary, it's recommended to stay hydrated before your ultrasound. Drinking plenty of fluids in the days leading up to your scan can help improve image clarity. Hydration helps to increase the amniotic fluid around your baby, which can enhance the visibility of their features. We also provide refreshments for mama during and after the scan that are included in all of our packages. 

Complete Your Consent Form

Prior to your appointment, it's important to complete your consent form. This form provides essential information about you and baby, and ensures we have your consent to see baby. You will receive the form in advance via text message. Taking care of this beforehand saves time and allows you to focus on the excitement of the scan. If you ever have any issues with your form or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Gender Reveal: Your Choice, Our Secret

We understand the excitement and anticipation surrounding your baby's gender. Before we start your scan, we will ask if you already know your baby's gender or if you prefer it to be kept as a surprise. If you choose to keep it a secret, we'll ensure not to reveal any hints or information (especially to friends and family eager to find out!). Our goal is to create an experience that aligns with your wishes and preferences.

Relax and Enjoy

Above all, remember to relax and enjoy this special experience. It's an amazing opportunity to bond with your baby and witness their unique features coming to life. Enjoy your scan with just yourself, or with your friends and family. We also have toys to keep the little ones busy. Remember, this is a special moment, and it's perfectly normal to feel a mix of emotions.

If you have any questions or would like to have a chat before your appointment please get in touch with us. We can’t wait to see you and your precious baby soon!

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